Anonymous asked:

Relax! Jake is in a position that even with the rumors that he's gay, he's still a charming and beautiful and perfect (etc...) man, anda every living woman (the ones that are intelligent) will know he's not gay u.u He even said that he doesn't care about the rumors, so I don't care too :)

I know he doesn’t care about it, he even thinks it’s kinda flattering. it just seems so annoying to me, you know, to see all those people bragging about his sexual preferences like ‘he is definitely gay, I know that better than him’…plus I’m in the mood for destruction xD

obviously, he is the most charming human being & an excellent actor :) his girlfriend is the luckiest woman in the entire world!

thank you for your message, Anon! xo

oh lord, I can’t stand it anymore…I HAVE TO WRITE THIS.

just because an actor (obviously…I’m talking mostly about Jake, but it is a general statement) played a character that was gay, in a gay movie (which was really brilliant and I loved it very much, along with the acting) DOESN’T MAKE HIM GAY!!!!!!! so please, stop spreading false rumors and presumptions.

don’t think of it as an act of homophobia, because it has nothing to do with this. I was never, I am not, and I never will be homophobic. it is just so irritating, when PEOPLE STICK THEIR NOSES WHERE THEY DON’T BELONG! I know y’all wish he was gay. well, keep wishing and mind your own business. you should be more concerned about your own private life. PERIOD. hate as much as you can.